• VOHRINGER: Nicola Valley Fish & Game Club vs. Douglas Lake Ranch

    One news item that is getting a lot of attention — not only in the Nicola Valley but across Canada and even in parts of the U.S. — is the ongoing court case between the Nicola Valley...

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  • VOHRINGER: Tourism Merritt promotes ice fishing

      (Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story stated that the Tourism Merritt website had mistakenly listed Jan. 1 as the date of the ice fishing derby. That detail has since been removed. As stated on...

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  • VOHRINGER: Hunting the Wile E. Coyote

    The hunting season of 2016 is history and with that most hunters put their hunting equipment away for the winter. However, there is a hunting season that is still open (in some Wildlife Management Units until June...

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  • VOHRINGER: Hunters must respect private land

    To respect private land is part of the hunter ethics creed, but not everybody adheres to it. In conversations with landowners I hear complaints all the time. This is not good because the negative impressions some hunters...

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  • VOHRINGER: Science says B.C.’s grizzly bears are doing fine

    British Columbia has a good reputation for its world-class grizzly bear conservation and management program and has taken steps to improve it even more. The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations has commissioned an independent...

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  • VOHRINGER: Happy times are here for hunters

    Last week I read in a medical journal that October is the starting point of more people suffering from depression than at any other time of year. The winter blues even has medical name, it’s called “Seasonal...

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  • VOHRINGER: October filled with outdoor activities

    This year October turns out to be filled with hunting and fishing events of some significance. Some of these events are of local interest and others are for North America or even globally.   You may remember...

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  • VOHRINGER: Hunting for the best treestand

    The vast majority of deer hunters across North America take to the trees. Understandably then, that an entire industry has grown around this popular hunting method, producing a large variety of tree stands that satisfy the needs...

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  • VOHRINGER: Hunting season is finally here

    Today, Sept. 1, is the official start of the fall hunting season in our — and some other — regions of the province. Until Sept. 9, when the general open season starts, only bowhunters can go out...

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  • VOHRINGER: Eyes in the sky a no go for ethical hunters

    Last month the government of British Columbia amended the provincial Wildlife Act by adding drones as illegal equipment to operate or possess, or use data obtained by drones while on hunting or trapping excursion. Furthermore, it is...

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