City awards $2 million contract for Coldwater Avenue repaving project

By on July 14, 2017
The 1600 block of Coldwater Avenue. (Photo courtesy of Google street view)

The city has awarded a $2 million contract to make upgrades to Coldwater Avenue, which will include repaving the road while also replacing water and sewer lines.

City council approved the tender at its June 27 meeting to BA Dawson Blacktop from Kamloops in the amount of $1,994,866 by a unanimous vote.

A report to council from director of engineering Sasha Bird states the $1,994,866 bid is for “base work,” and comes with optional work that, if added to the project, would put the bid at just under $2.5 million.

Barring any unforeseen work being required, completing the optional work would come in under budget as well, the report states.

The project is being done thanks to a government worth more than $2 million the city received last year from the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund.

City of Merritt chief administrative officer Shawn Boven told the Herald the project will involve replacing water and sewer lines below Coldwater Avenue as well as repaving the road.

The project will start where Coldwater Avenue intersects with Wilson Street and carry on towards where it intersects with Voght Street.

Although the project was originally intended to cover every block between Wilson and Voght Street, Boven said the city will now be doing the upgrades block-by-block “until we run out of money.”

“It’s kind of broken down by block,” said Boven. “We’re not going to start going right through to Voght like originally intended, but I’m not sure where we’d end at this point,” said Boven, adding that he optional work would take them closer to Voght Street than the base work.

The council report stated that the city received some initial bids that were above their budget and had to scale back the scope of the work.

Coldwater Avenue is bisected by Voght Street, and most of the stretch of road located between Voght Street and Diamond Vale Elementary School was repaved over a three year period within the last decade said Boven.

The city repaved just one block of Coldwater Avenue between Main Street and Wilson Street in the spring of 2015.

Coldwater Avenue between Wilson Street and Voght Street. Photo courtesy of Google street view)

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