City of Merritt examining options for sidewalks in Collettville

By on January 12, 2018
Chief Administrative Officer Shawn Boven intends to gauge council's interest in installing sidewalks throughout Collettville. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps).

The City of Merritt has its eye on a couple of infrastructure projects — one in Collettville and another along Cranna Crescent — heading in 2018.

Chief administrative officer Shawn Boven told the Herald he intends to gauge council’s interest in conducting a multimillion dollar capital project to install sidewalks in Collettville at budget deliberations, which are set to begin next month.

The project is estimated to cost $9 million and is being proposed as a local area service meaning Collettville residents would foot the bill exclusively.

“There’s been talk of sidewalks in Collettville for a number of years. Nobody knew how much they would cost, so we had to design the storm sewer because that’s needed to fill the ditches in and install sidewalks,” Boven told the Herald.

Design work for the project was completed by a company from Kelowna in 2017, Boven said.

“We’ll bring it forward to council at budget time to see if they want to pursue doing a local area service for Collettville where the costs are distributed to the residents in that area,” said Boven.

If council approved the construction, it would mean installing curbs, gutters, sidewalks and storm drainage throughout the entire Collettville area, he said. The city would borrow the funds from the municipal finance authority and the residents of Collettville would see a tax increase applied over a period of 20-years.

“It’s kind of a fundamental principal of communities and local government that users that benefit from a service are the ones that pay for it,” said Boven.

City taking first steps on Cranna Crescent project

Listed as a priority for 2018 in last year’s budget, the other construction project on the city’s radar is road work along the Diamond Vale cul-de-sac Cranna Crescent.

Design work for this project was recently awarded to a company based out of Kelowna as well, Boven told the Herald.

The work would involves replacing sewer and water lines beneath the road, which would be repaved and narrowed to reinstall larger sidewalks with curbs and gutters.

Presently, Cranna Crescent is about 13 or 14 metres wide, Boven said.

“If we narrow the road to eight and a half metres, the savings in asphalt and future asphalt replacement actually pretty much pays for the installation of curb and gutter, which is a nicer look and even better for maintenance purposes,” said Boven.

The work would likely cost about $2 million, said Boven.

“We’ll have a meeting with the residents and see if it’s something they’re even interested in,” said Boven.

Boven said the design work for both these projects likely came in at or under $50,000, but did not know the exact costs.

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