City of Merritt to showcase new budget tool

By on January 31, 2018
City council file photo.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have no tax increase? Well this year the City of Merritt is letting residents crunch the numbers.

The finance department will unveil a new online program at its 2018 budget open house allowing residents to provide online feedback by simulating how they would balance the budget and prioritize municipal spending.

“It’ll give [people] the opportunity to say what kind of tax increase [they] want,” director of finance Sheila Thiessen told the Herald.

For example, if a resident didn’t want a tax increase the simulator would calculate the amount of money missing from the budget that the user would then have to make up from other areas, she told the Herald.

“Where would you cut it? We would list a few of the key departments and what those cuts would mean,” Thiessen said, adding that the link to the program will be available on

The city will present the simulator at the open house scheduled to take place at 6 p.m. on Feb. 20.

“People can go online and put in their input through there,” Thiessen said.

The online tool is something the City of Powell River has utilized for the past two years.

“There’s a few them,” said Thiessen. “Some of them have more detail then others, but quite a few municipalities are using this as a way for public input because not everybody comes out to open houses.”

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