City pledges funds to refurbish mountain biking park

By on March 13, 2018
Since it was constructed in 2006, many of the wooden features at the Rotary Bike Park have not been updated or repaired. (Cole Wagner/Herald)


Local mountain bike enthusiasts benefited from a decision by Merritt city council to approve a grant-in aid request which will see the city fund a complete renovation of Rotary Bike Park.

Council voted unanimously in favour of a grant-in-aid request for $23,500 from the Merritt Mountain Bike Association (MMBA) at the council meeting on March 13. The funds will be used to refurbish outdated and potentially dangerous features which currently exist at the bike park on Voght Street.

Some of the wood will be salvaged to create new features. (Cole Wagner/Herald).

A city staff report attached to the club’s grant application notes that the bike park has not undergone significant modernization of any of its features since it was first built in 2006.

“The current wooden structures have become outdated and are showing signs of deterioration,” states an excerpt from the report. “In recent years, the park has become under utilized.”

Members of the MMBA are hoping that an overhaul and redesign by local rider and trail designer Luke Beers will help reinvigorate interest in the mountain biking facility near Central Park.

Beers’ proposal for a park refurbishment addresses the safety of the park through measures such as replacing all the unstable wooden features and improving drainage around the park to prevent unstable riding surfaces. In order to ensure riders of all skill levels can make use of the space, Beers’ proposal calls for new jump lines, an extended wall ride feature and new components built from the salvageable wood structures that currently exist around the park.

Since the park was constructed in 2006, the sport of mountain biking has changed considerably, said Beers.

“If [the park] gets modernized to develop a little more applicable skills to what mountain biking is now, it might strike the interest in the next generation,” he said.

(Cole Wagner/Herald).

(Cole Wagner/Herald).

(Cole Wagner/Herald).

(Cole Wagner/Herald).



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