Complimentary consultations offered by local kinesiologist

By on October 16, 2017
Local registered kinesiologist Katrina Bennett is offering complimentary consultations to those who otherwise couldn't afford treatment. (Photo contributed).


Katrina Bennett knows people in the Nicola Valley are hurting.

The owner of Nicola Valley Kinesiology said whether it’s their pocketbooks, or their lower backs, Merrittonians are feeling the pinch.

Which is why Bennett will be offering free consultations and follow-up appointments at the start of November to anyone who is experiencing financial hardship.

Anyone who is experiencing some type of lingering muscle pain in their body could benefit from Bennett-designed program, which is tailored specifically to each individual. The kinesiologist has experience working with everyone from young teens to seniors in their 90s — but she specializes with people who had an athletic background but have slipped into a less active lifestyle.

“Each session is an hour. During that time I do a full assessment of them, I get their history, I do some fitness testing and some range of motion testing with them,” said Bennett. “I give them some homework, and then we follow-up the next time with work that we actually start to do.”

Nicola Valley Kinesiology’s logo.

Failure to properly rehab after an injury tends to result in chronic pain — which often goes untreated due to the costs of working with a registered kinesiologist, said Bennett. By offering complementary appointments at the start of November, Bennett said she hopes to help people overcome their pain ahead of Jan. 1 — typically the busiest time of the year for people adopting new fitness routines.

Currently, Bennett does all consultations and appointments out of her home in Collettville — though she assured the Herald that there is ample parking available, and only two steps to climb to the front door.

In addition to the individual health consultations, Bennett is available to deliver seminars to groups, teams or other larger organizations.

For more information or to book an appointment with Bennett, send her an email at, or visit the website

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