Extra block of Coldwater Avenue to be repaved this spring

By on March 7, 2018
The paving of Coldwater Avenue in three sections. Green indicates the portion of the project which is already complete (Wilson Street to Chapman Street). In yellow is the block which has been added onto the existing contract (Chapman Street to River Street). The final portion of the road, in red, would have to be paid for out-of-pocket by the City of Merritt. (Google Maps).

An extra block of Coldwater Avenue is being repaved this spring after the City of Merritt had three rehabilitated in 2017.

“We have enough remaining funds to carry forward to do another block,” chief administrative officer (CAO) Shawn Boven told the Herald.

The municipality had the road repaved between Wilson Street and Chapman Street, and will now repave up to River Street.

The road work is being done thanks to a $2.3 million grant from the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund, which is covering 83 per cent of the project cost with taxpayers picking up the other 17 per cent.

According to a 2017 capital projects status update, the City of Merritt has spent about $1.9 million on the project as of the end of the year with a balance of about $769,000 being carried forward into 2018.

The project is budgeted at $2.7 million, meaning the city will only need to put up about $470,000 of its own money for those three blocks.

Sidewalk work, along with the extra block of Coldwater Avenue, is all that remains for contractor BA Dawson Blacktop to finish once the snow melts.

The city’s goal is to eventually pave the road up to the intersection with Voght Street. The grant will come up short of covering that, so staff intends to put in a budget request to council to finish paving the remainder of the road from River Street “just to see if council has an appetite to complete,” Boven told the Herald.

As with the previously completed portions of Coldwater Avenue, the city will continue replacing old infrastructure as it tears up the asphalt.

“When we go in and do a job like that, everything that’s underground we replace, so we don’t have to dig it up again,” Boven said.

If council moves forward with the final section, the city will pay for the last block of the road out of pocket as it did the 1400 block of Coldwater Avenue back in 2015.

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