Festival crowd a little rowdier than last year, police say

By on August 11, 2017
Police files. (Herald file photo).

This year’s crowd at Rockin’ River was a little rowdier than last year, according to local police.

“It was little younger [crowd] than it has been in years past, a little more party-oriented,” said RCMP Sgt. Norm Flemming, adding that roughly 20 people from the festival grounds had to be taken to cells to cool off.

“We did see quite a few more people security [personnel] had to pull out of there for behaviour-related issues,” he said.

Flemming said a 40-year-old man from the Lower Mainland was arrested and charged for assaulting his wife and 13-year-old stepson. Flemming said the man was intoxicated and fled the scene in a vehicle before police caught up to him.

“The assault was fairly minor in scope in as such as nobody had to go to the hospital,” said Flemming. “Certainly, alcohol played a large part in the progression of that event.”

During a police road check outside the festival grounds as people left the site on Monday, police issued three 90-day and two-24 hour driving suspensions for people driving under the influence of alcohol.

While not at the level of the previous Mountainfest, Flemming said it was the busiest weekend police have seen since the new festival moved to Merritt in 2015.

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