UPDATED: Fire, chemical spill closes Coquihalla Highway

By on November 28, 2017
(Photo of the incident courtesy of @LaoneHuman/Twitter).


A semi-truck carrying a corrosive liquid caught fire in the southbound lanes of the Coquihalla Highway on Nov. 28.

The route was closed in both directions between Merritt and Hope for the majority of the day as cleanup crews attempted to stem the damage after approximately 20,000 litres of phenol formaldehyde resin spilled onto the road and into a ditch.

An update posted to the web by B.C. Spill Response stated that Emergency Environmental Response Officers were deployed to the scene to assess the damage after the highway was closed shortly after 9 a.m.

“The product is contained within a 40 foot stretch of ditch in a natural depression,” stated the web update. “[Crews] are planning to berm the ditch and use a poly liner to keep the product contained.”

The highway was reopened after 5 p.m., though a lane closure was still in effect on Wednesday morning.

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