Fire investigated at Corbett Lake

By on August 10, 2017

Police are investigating a mysterious spot fire that broke out on a hill overlooking the Corbett Lake Lodge on Sunday (Aug. 6).

The fire started on the hillside during a family retreat at the lodge, said RCMP Sgt. Norm Flemming said.

“We can’t label it as non-suspicious, but we can’t really label it as suspicious yet either,” said Flemming.

BC Wildfire Service fire investigators found the area where the fire started, but no cause of ignition.

“There were certainly no lightning strikes [in the area], there’s no residue from an accelerant of any kind, no cigarette remains or anything,” said Flemming, noting it could have been a match that sparked the blaze.

Flemming said police have no suspects.

“Lots of statements were taken from people out there and fundamentally they don’t lead us to anything.”

The fire burned in grass along the hillside and no structures were damaged.

“Fortunately, fire crews were very quick to attend,” said Flemming. “It never really got a chance to take off and thank heavens for that.”

Provincial wildfire firefighters extinguished the blaze in short order, and it was listed as 0.01 hectares in size on the BC Wildfire Service’s website.

A wildfire broke out Sunday near the Corbett Lake Lodge. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps

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