FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS: Collettville students show initiative

By on February 28, 2018
Collettville principal Rene Aubin joined the Grade 5 class which led the #beccatoldmeto campaign in classes throughout the school. (Cole Wagner/Herald)


A wave of pink washed over the school district on Feb. 28 as part of Anti-Bullying Day.

Students were encouraged to wear pink shirts to show their support for anti-bullying initiatives but the kids at Collettville Elementary wanted to go one step further.

A Grade 5 class led by Jodi Latremouille and Kieran Easterbrook introduced the students to the #beccatoldmeto campaign, which was started by a 17-year-old student from New Brunswick who was battling terminal brain cancer back in 2016.

Schofield’s campaign encouraged people to perform acts of kindness and spread the hashtag #beccatoldmeto.

Though she passed away this year, Schofield’s legacy inspired the Grade 5 class to spread the campaign throughout their school.

The Collettville students led activities in classes throughout the school, with kids writing messages of kindness on posters which now adorn the walls.

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