FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS: Plates welcome at Merritt museum

By on October 4, 2017
Bob Nishiguchi (left) of Ashcroft donated a pair of rare license plates from 1942 to the Merritt License Plate Museum, which is run by Don Schneider (right). (Photo courtesy of Don Schneider).


An Ashcroft man has donated symbols from his family’s past to a local licence plate museum.

Bob Nishiguchi from Ashcroft, B.C. gave the Merritt Licence Plate Museum a pair of 1942 licence plates off Ford trucks that once belonged to his father.

His father managed to hang on to these plates throughout his family’s detainment in a Japanese internment camp in B.C. Bob was just six years old at the time.

The family lost a business in New Westminster and a farm in Cloverdale as a result of their internment.

Nishiguchi made the donation on Sept. 21, 2017.

This vintage plate came from a one-ton Ford Panel owned by the father of Bob Nishiguchi (Photo contributed).


The first B.C. plate had the number CX554 and was put on a one ton Ford Panel. The second plate was from a 7.8 ton Ford truck — a class three freight vehicle from his father’s farm in Cloverdale B.C., with the licence number K21221.

The Merritt License Plate Museum has made two brass plates to remember Nishiguchi as a collector and the loss his family went through during the war.

In early 1942 during the Second World War the Canadian government detained and disposed of the vast majority of people of Japanese decent living in British Columbia. They were interned for the rest of the war during which their homes and businesses were sold by the government to pay for their detention.

Don Schneider started the licence plate museum with his own personal collection in 2015.

He said these plates help recognize a piece of Canadian history many people may not know about.


Don Schneider runs the Merritt License Plate Museum with over 1,200 plates on display, and you can find out more about his collection by calling 1-250-378-6421.

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