GALLERY: More dance recital photos

By on November 25, 2017

The Colours of the Heart dance recital on Nov. 22 at the Civic Centre, presented by the students of the Love To Dance Academy, was truly an event to behold, and a wonderful way to kick off the performance component of this year’s Country Christmas Week in Merritt and throughout the Nicola Valley.

Lizette Nel, Principal at the LTD Academy, described this year’s production as an experience in “emotions and colour”.

“From childhood through adulthood to old age, we experience disappointments, hurts, losses, perceived failures. We sometimes find ourselves in a place we never thought we’d be with stories containing our names in roles we never wanted to play,” said Nel. “Past experiences don’t have to define you. Negative circumstances are events, not who you are as a person. What matters is not our past, but how we make it through, and who we become in the process.”

“At the Love To Dance Academy, students learn and experience much more than dance,” said Nel. “My hope for the Love To Dance students is that each one of them will be an overcomer, someone who lives to face every life situation boldly, head-on with confidence and a brave heart.”

Enjoy the journey that is Colours of the Heart in the following 434-picture gallery of photos from the performances on Nov. 22.

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