Greyhound delivery service suspended in Merritt due to building closure

By on December 7, 2017
The Greyhound bus station — one of the last businesses operating in the Wagon West Travel Plaza — has closed as the building remains up for court ordered sale. (Herald photo)

Those looking to send packages to and from Merritt this holiday season via Greyhound’s package express service (GPX) are out of luck, due to the recent closure of the bus station.

The company has temporarily suspended the delivery service as it looks for an alternative location in Merritt, Greyhound spokesperson Lanesha Gipson told the Herald.

All deliveries bound for the Nicola Valley are being sent to neighbouring Kamloops in the interim and will need to be picked up there.

The bus service, however, continues to make stops in Merritt.

We continue to pick up and drop off customers curbside at our current Merritt location as we search for a more permanent location which will incorporate our GPX service, as well as accommodate our customers,” Gipson stated in an email. “Until then, customers can still board at our current location and use our GPX service in Kamloops.”

Merritt’s Greyhound station was the last business still operating in the Wagon West Travel Plaza on Airport Road until it was closed back on Nov. 22.

The station was run through a contract with the building’s owner, but the building has remained under court ordered sale for most of the year.

Back in September, Wagon West Travel Plaza manager Michelle Thompson told the Herald the building owner had been shuttering businesses he owns within the facility over the course of 2017, including a Husky gas station franchise, a restaurant and corner store.

The bus station remained open while the other businesses were shuttered, but that is no longer the case.

“That location is actually an agency location, meaning it’s not owned by Greyhound. The owner of that agency actually ended the agreement,” Gipson told the Herald via phone. “Right now that facility is closed, which is why we’re offering pickups and drop-offs of customers curbside.”

With the building locked, users cannot buy tickets, ship packages or wait for their bus in the building.

One potential passenger, who could be found waiting in the cold for a bus at about noon today, reinforced the necessity of having an active Greyhound station.

Without the ability to purchase a ticket at the station after having been dropped off by a friend, he was left wondering whether or not the bus driver would let him board and buy a ticket at the next stop.

Tickets can still be purchased online.

While it isn’t clear when a new Greyhound station will be operational again in Merritt, Gipson said the company is “diligently” exploring its options for a new location.

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