Haunted highlights at the Bailie House

By on October 16, 2017
The Baillie House, subject to a number of paranormal investigations over the years, will be hosting the Interior Paranormal Society on Oct. 21. (Cole Wagner/Herald).


Often mentioned in the same breath as the Coldwater Hotel and the Tutill House, the Baillie House has found itself as the subject of more than a couple paranormal investigations over the years.

The heritage home located on Voght Street now serves as a visitor information centre — staffed by friendly Merrittonians and the site of frequent yard sales. But every October, stories of people hearing or seeing inexplicable things around the Baillie House tend to percolate to the surface, prompting the question: is the Baillie House really haunted?

One team of paranormal investigators from the Interior Paranormal Society aim to answer that question — or at the very least, add to the intrigue — as they reveal their findings at an event on Saturday at the Baillie House.

Peter Renn is the president of the Interior Paranormal Society (IPS), and has decades of experience leading investigations across B.C.

“Our line is that every place has a story, and we’re there to try and piece together what went on,” he said. “You’ve got to do your homework first.”

The IPS has been conducting visits to the Baillie House since July 2016, and will be unveiling the results of those investigations on Saturday. Consistent with the approach described by Renn, the team will also delve into the buildings’ history and share their accounts of paranormal goings-ons at the site.

“We’ve got a few EVPs — Electronic Voice Phenomena — and stuff like that,” said Renn.

In addition to presenting their findings at the Baillie House, the Interior Paranormal Society will be sharing details of a few of their other investigations at Saturday’s event.

“I’m also going to going through the archives of the stuff we captured up and down the coast,” he said.

Renn personally specializes in what he calls “negative cases,” which is a paranormal case which is associated with dark or demonic forces. Having spent 20 years investigating these “negative cases”  left Renn with plenty of files, and plenty of stories to share, he said.

The presentation is slated to start at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 21. Tickets are $15 each, and the proceeds are being reinvested back to the Baillie House. For more information about the Interior Paranormal Society, visit their website or Facebook page.


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