Heritage commission returns as council term comes to close

By on March 8, 2018
The City of Merritt's heritage commission will have its first meeting on March 14. (Herald files).


Coun. Linda Brown

The City of Merritt resurrected its heritage commission, albeit for just a few months.

Council recently approved the appointment of two members of the public and Coun. Linda Brown to the group.

Brown, who has been trying to re-establish the commission since last March, will act as council’s representative on the commission, which will have its inaugural meeting March 14.

The city renewed efforts to fill the commission last fall after failing to fill the number of required seats for community members.

The commission includes representative from other organizations in town such as the Nicola Valley Museum, Brown said.

“We’re going to have an inaugural meeting and review the terms of reference, look at some of the options available for us and see where we go from there, Brown told the Herald.

The commission is unlike a standing or select committee as it is governed via a bylaw whereas the committees have terms of reference and are governed by the committee policy. The commission existed under previous councils, but has yet to reconvene under the current council, which came into office in 2014.

In the past, the heritage commission has been responsible for recognizing old buildings with commemorative plaques.

Brown said she’d like to see the commission seek funding to renovate heritage homes in the city.

“I think it’s time to get at these heritage building and do something with them,” said Brown.

She said there are also a number of old buildings in town the commission will try to designate as heritage buildings.

The heritage commission will only have a few months to complete their goals as it will need to disband before the Oct. 20 election.

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