Just take this gas tax and shove it

By on February 26, 2003

Can it be said that the Liberal party under the leadership of Gordon Campbell have sunk to another low? Absolutely and definitely yes. The most recent slap in the face to all British Columbians is that gasoline taxes will be raised a further 3.5 cents per litre.
This comes at a time when government cuts have affected senior citizens, single parents, low-income families the children of our province and those who have had to face the hardship and distress of losing their employment due to the fragmentation of this self-serving government.
The answer according to Gordon Campbell, “There are many choices that the people can make around transportation. They can choose to drive in very expensive and gas consuming cars. They can choose to drive in smaller cars. They can choose to use public transit.”
Sound and spiritual advice coming from a man, who won’t be driving soon for the next year, due to impending driving suspension as a result from his drunk driving charge.
This tax hike, Gordon, is not just only going to affect how we travel to and from. But more importantly the bigger picture is everyday life, from our children being bused to and from school, our public transportation systems, the trucking industry which supplies the groceries, household supplies and everything we need and do in between.
Business in general will suffer with higher transportation costs and the consumer will be paying more because of this.
In the last year-and-a-half people of British Columbia have seen their 25-per-cent personal tax break amount to nothing due to user fee after user fee.
How proud we all feel of a government that promised to be fair, transparent, open and accountable.
I can live with $950 million in future transportation projects, with but how this government is doing it is hateful and wrong.
Here is some very important, sound and truthful advice, Gordon Campbell.
Stop trying to close down public owned liquor stores and distribution system that has contributed $3.1 billion in profits in the last five years. And just like BC Hydro, ICBC and the Coquihalla Highway, all are cost effective and belong to all British Columbians.
The Liberal ideology is wrong and its purpose is simple: the selling off of all profitable and publicly owned Businesses to private corporations.
So in closing keep what we have, and the profits in B.C.
Just as important, let it be said by me, that a total recall of all Liberals is in order.
You can stuff your 3.5-cents per litre increase Gordon Campbell and do what’s best for B.C.
Just go away.
Karl E Wolfe

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