LETTER: Keep a close eye on your Visa bill

By on April 5, 2018
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This letter is meant as a warning to customers to check their pump receipts and billing to their credit card accounts when using this gas bar. I have now had two instances of incorrect billing on my credit card account when purchasing fuel from this location. These are the facts on the latest, starting on March 29:

When filling up my 2008 Toyota Corolla at pump number two, I entered my credit card, selected receipt, approved fill up to $150.00, entered my pin number and when approved, selected regular and filled up my car.

When my car was full, the pump issued two receipts, both identical in slip number, time and last four digits of my credit card number, bur different in litres and dollar amounts. The one slip showed 80.070 litres at 1.249 with the balance due of $100.00. My Toyota has a total tank capacity of 60 litres. The other slip showed 23.950 litres, same as reading on pump, at 1.249 for a balance due of $29.91.

However on my credit card account, viewed online on March 29, I initially had a charge showing of $150.10 — “pending.” On April 3 my credit card account was adjusted, the $150.10 removed and a final charge of $44.10 remained in its place. This was still $14.10 higher than my actual purchase.

A phone call to Visa on April 3 resulted in my receiving a case number, writing up a short story and a copy of my receipt for $29.91 and faxing this data off to Visa. I am sure a credit will be forthcoming but what a pain. Check your receipts versus pump readings and actual postings to your credit card account when using this gas bar.

Bill Tomchuk

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