LETTER: Kudos to the Merritt Mountain Bike Club

By on June 7, 2017
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This letter is to extend appreciation to the Merritt Mountain Biking Association for their work in organizing the June 10 Cow Trail Classic. Members have done a tremendous amount of work preparing the trails, not just for this event, but also for locals and visitors to ride all through the season. We are so fortunate — but also the home of domestic livestock who graze in the summer and of the wildlife that live there year round.

Unfortunately not everyone who uses this area shows it the respect nature deserves. Clean up for the race was a massive undertaking. The roads show significant damage from those driving through in the mud, leaving mud holes and deep ruts in many places. Garbage litters the area where most users will park. Workers have removed many bags of plastic, broken glass, thousands of bullet casings, beer cans, shot up propane tanks, batteries, burnt up furniture and auto parts that have been left carelessly behind. Not only is the litter in this part of the hills, but some people seem to think dumping their old appliances and furniture over the embankments along the road to be within their right. I wonder whether these folks would mind if others dumped their unwanted articles onto their yards.  

Some people who have gone up to enjoy their chosen activities have had bonfires, a wonderful way to end a day in the hills. However, reusing the same fire pit would leave less damage than scorched earth circles in at lease half a dozen spots, most of which have broken glass and other burned objects left in them as hazards for the animals that wonder through.  

Perhaps if all those who enjoy the outdoors could follow the simple practice of packing out what you pack in, the backcountry will continue to be enjoyed by us all and by generations to come.  

Thank you again to the members of the Merritt Mountain Biking Association for your efforts in developing and maintaining this area. I wish you a successful event, one that showcases this area to local and visiting riders and their supporters.  

Mary Ramsey
Merritt, B.C.

(Editor’s note: The Cow Trail Classic takes place in the Coutlee Plateau area, near Midday Valley Road.)

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  1. Travis Fehr

    June 24, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    Well said, Mary!

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