LETTER: Lessons to be learned from last year’s floods

By on January 10, 2018
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As a victim of the flood in Lower Nicola, and other areas near Merritt, my family and neighbours are concerned that little seems to be done to investigate and remedy the cause of the disaster. The costs in rehabilitation of land and infrastructure are in progress and are costing millions of dollars. Although the environment, such as snow and rain, played a role in this event, there was little or no intervention by those in control of the water storage in Mamet or Nicola Lakes.

Those in charge seemed to be oblivious to accepting advice from local ranchers and residents, as this food became evident. With the proper intervention of qualified people with knowledge of water storage, fish habitat, logging operations, weather forecasts, dam site access and operations, etc. environmental extremes can be neutralized to prevent floods and the people responsible should be held accountable. As the work goes on to restore the land and repair the damage, we should keep in mind our school taught lessons; “if you address the cause you will not get the effect.”

It might be appropriate to point out that we have a heavy snowpack this year and spring runoff is not far off. We need human intervention to prevent another flood!!

Wayne Rice
Lower Nicola, B.C.

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