LETTERS: In response to “City of Merritt should cater to trucks”

By on March 5, 2018
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Good for you Terry — how can any city stop trucks from coming in. They are the backbone to our country. They not only supply fuel for our vehicles, groceries to all our stores, fill every other store. As a matter of fact, I even haul our vehicles in. Time you went back to horse and buggy. Oh dear — can’t do that either, the truckers haul the lumber in to build your buggies and haul the horses to pull it. What would our country be without them. They also eat in our restaurants, and use our motels. How many truckers live here and pay taxes. I know my daughter does and she is a trucker. Are you stopping the truckers from cleaning the snow and maintenance on our city roads? Sure looks like it.

I come from a long line of truckers and still have relatives out there putting the miles on and they stop in Merritt not only to visit but to spend money in our stores. Any signs put up to stop the truckers should be taken down. I am with you Terry — anyone against truckers, there is no room in my yard for them.

Char McCormack
Lower Nicola


I agree with Terry Cullen’s letter that Merritt should cater to truck drivers.

The first time I heard about Merritt wanting a bylaw about truck parking in town I was absolutely furious. My first reaction was if I owned a trucking company that was to make deliveries into Merritt, where they are not wanted, I would charge a hefty surcharge for such deliveries, or even better, just refuse to come to Merritt at all. You, Mr. Mayor and your council, would be responsible to find a way to get products into Merritt. Adding a hefty surcharge could and would cause businesses to close in this small community.  

Truckers have as much right to come into town to do deliveries, get fuel, park, rest, eat, and by the way spend their very hard earned money in our community as anybody else.

What’s next buses? Motor homes?

I am starting to wonder if we picked the right place to retire to and be proud of to call home.

Jo Valliers-Jorgensen

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