LETTER: Tegart misses the mark with budget criticisms

By on March 5, 2018
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(RE: TEGART: Reactions to the NDP budget)


The commitments in the provincial government’s 2018 budget represent significant stepping stones on the path to clean growth in B.C.

A key item is the $4 million allocated over three years for the development of an “energy roadmap” for B.C.’s low-carbon future. The goals of this roadmap are spurring innovation, expanding energy-efficiency programs, generating new energy in a sustainable manner, and creating jobs across the province.

Another important piece is the $308 million in funding over three years for preserving existing social housing. This work will include upgrades for safety and energy-efficiency.

Significantly, the government has also proposed a clean growth incentive program to help large industrial emitters maintain their competitiveness while reducing carbon pollution.

We’ll be looking for the province to deliver a forward-thinking climate strategy and make further investments in climate action later this year.

Karen Tam Wu
Acting B.C. director, Pembina Institute

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