LETTER: A thank you to good samaritans

By on February 7, 2018
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In May of last year I had a vehicle incident in which I ended up in the middle of Voght Street. I broke my femur, and as the market was to the left several people came to see. I asked a gentleman to please call an ambulance, and asked several people if they would block off the road so I would not be run over. I received the help immediately, and would love to thank all who helped, also the three people from the market, including the dear woman who was sorry she could not watch any longer as she had food cooking. I also want to thank the ambulance driver and the Nicola Valley Hospital for the quick trip to Kamloops for my surgery. I thought of you all every day, and the large part of my recovery that you were involved in. 

Thanks again.  

Shirley Ross
Vancouver, B.C.

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