LETTER: Thank you Merritt for support, spirit and Cents

By on November 1, 2017
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After attending our fourth Parents Icebreaker Weekend hosted by the Centennials and the community of Merritt, we wanted to express our appreciation to all involved.

The coaching staff, trainer, executives, bus driver, billet families, volunteers and the community of Merritt go to great lengths to welcome and entertain the parents and other family members during these important family focused events. Parents from all over Canada and the United States attend to enjoy a weekend of hockey and activities with their sons.

Merritt has a strong 45 year tradition of supporting their Junior A hockey team with pride, hard work, sincere care and community spirit.

We encourage all members of the community to attend games and support a skilled, hard working group of players who play with the same pride and character expected from a “Centennial” each and every year. 

We appreciate how this hockey franchise and community are helping these young men develop into not only better hockey players, but better people. Thank you!

Go Cents Go!

John and Val Buckley
Penticton, B.C.

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