Liberals need reality check

By on February 26, 2003

Well, I guess it’s time for a very serous gut-check if you’re a Liberal politician.
Do you continue to support a leader who has clearly convicted and condemned himself by the self-righteous stance he has taken against other politicians facing criminal charges, and who, in doing so, has just committed political suicide … a la Vander Zalm …
Or do you see this as an opportunity to finally do something constructive for your constituents?
They are the ones who have been devastated by the cuts Campbell has made to services that are essential to seniors, students, and the working people of this province.
In the very near future we’re going to find out if this Liberal party really has any backbone or if they will mindlessly try to circle the wagons, in an effort to defend a leader who has just blown their political future, and that of the Liberal party, into a breathalyzer in beautiful Hawaii.
Shay McAuley

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