Merritt woman aims to retake world record

By on February 7, 2018
Merritt is once again home to the world’s largest sock monkey, thanks to Cherylle Douglas and Hunter Pollard. (Cole Wagner/Herald).


Duncan has the world’s largest hockey stick and puck. 100 Mile House features the world’s largest cross-country skis. In Houston, you can find the world’s largest fly fishing rod.

And once again, Merritt has it’s own world’s largest oddity, as Cherylle Douglas looks to reclaim her Guinness World Record for sewing a giant sock monkey.

Affectionately known as Oscar, the massive monkey measures 13 feet, six inches from head to toe. He is made up of 416 individual socks (cut apart and then re-sewn), and weighs about 40 lbs.

Douglas is no stranger to sewing sock monkeys, she said. In addition to sewing many regular size monkeys, she had previously held the record for sewing the largest sock in 2009, before her 8 foot, 10 inch monkey was bested by Jody Lewis of the United Kingdom in 2015.

“I said, ‘Well that’s it, I gotta go again,’” explained Douglas. “I figured, why not. Go big or go home “

That was all the motivation she needed to get back to sewing, this time with enlisted help from her grandson Hunter Pollard.

“I had to cut every sock apart into five pieces and then re-sew it all back together,” said Douglas.

Given that sock monkeys are traditionally thought of as good luck charms, Douglas said it stands to reason that her enormous version would bring even better fortunes.

“I thought, well I need all the help I can get. He hasn’t won me the lottery yet,” she said with a laugh.

While her last creation resided at the Adelphi Hotel, Douglas still isn’t sure where Oscar might end up.

“I’ll probably just give him to somebody, or maybe Children’s Hospital,” she said.

For now, Oscar will stay with Douglas as she awaits confirmation from the Guiness World Records that she has reclaimed her title.

“It took a long time. It was a project that was fun to do, I enjoyed it. And now that it’s done, well I’ve done it. How many other people can say that?” reflected Douglas.

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