MFR asking motorists to slow down after fire engine struck on Highway 97C

By on November 3, 2017

Fire Chief Dave Tomkinson is reminding motorists to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles after fire engine one was struck by a passenger vehicle on Highway 97C yesterday (Nov. 2).

The incident occurred while Merritt Fire Rescue (MFR) was attending a single vehicle accident on the highway.

“Someone had driven into the back right end of rescue one [but] caused very little damage,” Tomkinson told the Herald, adding that the truck was not knocked out of commission.

The collision resulted in the fire truck getting stuck in the centre median.

Tomkinson said that there were no injuries to firefighters or the occupant of the vehicle.

The truck had its emergency lights flashing when the accident occurred.

“Anytime you see flashing lights you need to move over if it’s safe to do so and give them room to work,” Tomkinson said adding that this applies to all roadside workers. “In this weather slowing down is ultra important.”

Failing to slow down or move over for all vehicles stopped on the side of the road with flashing lights could result in a $173 fine.

Winter weather returned to Nicola Valley highways on Thursday and MFR came across many crashed vehicles along Highway 5 south of town and on Highway 97C.

“At the end of the day each of the calls that[we] were dispatched to didn’t require extrication,” said Tomkinson. “Some fairly soft landings I guess you could say.”

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