Mobile concession bylaw update

By on March 25, 2009

The City of Merritt’s mobile food concession bylaw was recently updated.
The updated language replaces the old heading where the City was recognized as granting the license to adhere to the new community charter language. Marguerite Kempin, city bylaw officer, said that nothing changes in the law.
“The City of Merritt in the heading has been changed to the Community Charter,” Kempin explained. “It’s now brought up to date to be in line with our new charter.”
Entrepreneurs and businesses interested in operating a mobile food concession must still apply for the license, acquire $2 million liability insurance and remain in place for no longer than three hours when on public land as well as all strictures laid out in the previous bylaw.
Kempin explained the law as a means to protect businesses that pay retail space rent, so that a mobile concession doesn’t permanently set up shop near competition.
“Mobile concessions don’t pay rent for their space like a permanent restaurant. They don’t have that overhead.”

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