New wayfinding signage erected around Merritt

By on January 9, 2018
A new map of Merritt was installed outside of city hall. (Michael Potestio/Herald).

The City of Merritt is in the process of erecting new wayfinding signs nearly two years after council adopted a $40,000 signage strategy.

Five of eight signs were placed around the city at the end of December as part of the city combining what was a two-phased project into one, said City of Merritt economic development manager Will George.

“We’re almost done putting them up and it’s all to help visitors find their way around town and to make sure visitor services is provided in signage form even when there’s not people out and about,” said George.

One of the signs, located along Voght Street just before the turn to Grimmett Street, points travellers towards the city centre, Central Park and the spray pad at Rotary Park, while one further down the road at the intersection with Nicola Avenue points to Spirit Square, the art gallery and civic centre.

Outside city hall is a pedestrian map kiosk pointing visitors to their location in the downtown and what’s within a five and 10 minute walk.

Two other signs were erected along Quilchena Street — one at the intersection with Garcia Street and one at the intersection with Vogt Street. The sign at Garcia Street indicates the location of the Baillie House, dog park, Library, museum, aquatic centre and Nicola Valley Arena while the sign at Voght Street points to the Claybanks RV park, aquatic centre, dog park and the civic plaza.

Three more pieces of signage will be put up around town by the end of the month said George. A map panel will be installed at Spirit Square along with two signs along Nicola Avenue at either end of town — one coming into town from Lower Nicola and the other near exit 286 of the the Coquihalla Highway.

The signs all consist of wooden posts and yellow text on a green background, fitting the timber theme chosen by Alpha Design, the Vancouver company hired to put together the signage strategy. The signs also showcase the sun symbol found on the municipality’s flag.

“Instead of doing piece by piece, we wanted to just get everything finished,” said George.

New signage points to several points of interest in Merritt. (Michael Potestio/Herald).

George said the project’s budget was about $60,000 and the city’s costs to date remain close to the budget, but the final costs are not known yet.

“The five signs are up and the three signs are remaining, so I’ll have the final number once those final three come in,” said George.

In total there will be three signs to direct pedestrians, three to direct drivers and two maps.

The estimated cost of these signs is pegged at $56,000 at the high end in the signage strategy.

Once complete, the city will have erected all the signage suggested in the wayfinding signage strategy except for three gateway entrance signs that were estimated to cost between $20,000 and $50,000 apiece.

“We’re hoping that these signs help as we’re transitioning from two visitor centres to one visit centre right downtown,” said George.

Additionally, George is hoping to place a large map on the side of the Baillie House to assist visitors stopping in Merritt when the facility is closed. He said he hopes this map will be in place before the summer.

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  1. Jen

    January 9, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    Glad to see these signs, but I’m finding the one posted right before Grimmitt misleading. This sign suggests that to get to Central Park and the Water Park, I need to turn right on Grimmitt then travel 450meters and 950meters up that road. Perhaps the sign should be erected on the other side of Grimmitt or state that the turn-off to these desitnatons is xx meters ahead.

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