Newmark Group, the new owners of Sagebrush Golf Club, announced Wednesday that Troon was selected to manage the award-winning, 400-acre recreation site in the Nicola Valley.

Newmark bought Sagebrush in November of last year, and the real estate development company hired James Cronk as president of Newmark Golf Group shortly after that.

“Troon is a company I’m well aware of in their expertise in the resort and golf industry,” Cronk told the Herald. “Something we felt was very important was to get Sagebrush up and running as quickly as we could, and so we felt that we wanted to bring in some great expertise to help us do that.”

Troon, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, is the world’s largest golf management company, boasting over 250 golf courses in its portfolio. Sagebrush, however, will be its first Canadian course.

“They’re excited at having sagebrush as their first [Canadian] property,” said Cronk. “Sagebrush is a magical place and a great company, and we’re excited about getting this open to the golfers in 2016.”

The course did not open last year due to a rezoning issue.

New management isn’t the only thing Newmark is adding to the course — they’ve engaged SSDG Interiors from Vancouver to renovate the clubhouse.

“We’re doing the design phase right now and once all of our permits are in place and we get all of our approvals we will be proceeding,” said Cronk. “We just got started a week ago, so there’s lots to do and lots of steps in the process.”

They plan to open this spring.