No sign of bear that attacked Collettville woman

By on August 12, 2017
Conservation Officer Service logo(Herald file photo).

Conservation officers have scaled back their search for a bear that attacked a woman after she found it rummaging through her garbage back on July 30.

The Conservation Officer Service (COS) set up a trap and, in the days that followed, received a couple reports of the bear being spotted in the area where the incident occurred to no avail.

“Since then no other conflict, no other issues [were reported] which goes hand in hand with the behaviour exhibited by the animal — a very defensive, not predatory behaviour whatsoever,” said conservation officer Dave Cox.

He said the COS doesn’t believe there is a threat to public safety at this time.

“Unfortunately the bear has been accessing unnatural food sources, so we’re still dealing with the situation per call or case by case,” said Cox.

The trap has since been removed from the area.

The woman encountered the bear and sustained minor injuries when she went to investigate a noise she heard outside her Collettville home. The bear lunged at her and scratched her before running away.

Given the fact it was eating garbage and seemed to be habituated to the presence of humans conservation officers decided to lay and trap in order to euthanize the bear.

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