Opinion based on prudent budgeting

By on November 25, 2009

Dear Editor:
There appears to be some puzzlement about why so many residents spoke against the proposal for the City to take $300,000 out of the infrastructure-upgrading portion of the budget in favour of the Walk of Stars museum project.
My reason for being against this community tax expenditure as well as the taxpayer cost from federal funds is very simple.
It involves the basic principle of prudent budgeting during a deepening global recession.
We know it is deepening because all those in favour of the project at that meeting last week told us that we are going to lose one of our mills in the near future.
That indicates to me our local economy is going to take an additional hit, deepening local recession effects. We see prices rising, wages not, so families cannot maintain their position in relation to inflation.
We have also been repeatedly told that in this global downturn all nations are experiencing the same difficulties as we are in their attempts to meet their fiscal responsibilities, but are in even more trouble than we are.
Prudent people trying to balance their budget in such a negative atmosphere will immediately start eliminating non-essentials so that funds are available for the necessities of life – such as rent, food, clothing, health services, etc.
What will be dropped are such things as an extra car, expensive sports, and – tourism! Travel for non-essential reasons will quickly lose its attraction – and it will be worldwide.
Canada is reputedly being held up as one of the most fortunate countries not suffering as much as others, yet those of us on fixed incomes and middle and lower class incomes can see the writing on the wall.
Balance our budgets now or face the same fate as other nations down the road.
If council wishes to expand our economy, bring in private businesses that will support the tax base, not projects that drain the coffers for strangers who may or may not pass through our community.
That is why I support City Council concentrating on infrastructure and services to local residents who pay the taxes.
Bev Veale

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