RESULTS: Little britches competitors shine

By on June 15, 2017
This past weekend in Clinton, Kelsey Starrs was the reserve all-around cowgirl in the junior division. (Photo contributed).

A strong contingent of Little Britches contestants from the Nicola Valley has been doing well at rodeos in recent weeks. On the May 20-21 weekend, the group was in 100 Mile House. Top-10 finishers were:

Soren Anderson placed first in the junior boys goat tail tying event. (Photo contributed).

Junior Boys Stake Race: Keaton Antoine-McRae 8th/8th; Soren Anderson 4th; Kolt Alexander 9th

Junior Boys Steer Riding: Keaton Antoine-McRae 4th/6th

Junior Boys Dummy Roping: Soren Anderson 3rd/4th; Kolt Alexander 2nd

Junior Boys Goat-Tail Tying: Soren Anderson 1st (photo on the left); Kolt Alexander 7th

Junior Girls Barrel Racing: Kelsey Starrs 8th

Junior Girls Dummy Roping: Kelsey Starrs 4th

Junior Girls Pole Bending: Kelsey Starrs 5th/7th

Junior Girls Goat-Tail Tying: Kelsey Starrs 3rd/5th

Senior Boys Breakaway Roping: Tryton Bose 2nd; Troy Holmes 3rd

Senior Boys Stake Race: Troy Holmes 3rd/10th; Tryton Bose 3rd; Jalen McRae 6th; Isaiah McRae 9th

Senior Boys Chute Dogging: Isaiah McRae 2nd/3rd; Troy Holmes 2nd/3rd; Kolby Turmel 7th

Senior Boys Goat-Tying: Troy Holmes 3rd/6th; Isaiah McRae 9th

Senior Boys Steer Riding: Kolby Turmel 4th

Senior Girls Breakaway Roping: Andee Walker 5th

Senior Girls Barrel Racing: Gracie Garthwaite 4th; Andee Walker 10th

Senior Girls Pole Bending: Gracie Garthwaite 2nd; Maya Starrs 4th; Andee Walker 8th

Senior Girls Goat Tying: Maya Starrs 10th

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