Security cam ripped off Merritt’s community policing office

By on December 6, 2017
A security camera was ripped off from the community policing office, after staff set up the camera in the hopes of identifying a troublesome critter digging holes near the building. (Cole Wagner/Herald).


Staff at the community policing office are no closer to identifying what critter is wreaking havoc on the landscaping near the building after a security camera mounted on the outside of the office was snatched by thieves overnight on Dec. 4.

The camera was mounted outside the office to monitor an empty space on Granite Avenue where some kind of animal had been digging holes in the ground and kicking up piles of dirt.

“There’s a big foot print, so we thought maybe we would catch it,” said Const. Tracy Dunsmore with the Merritt RCMP.

Instead of catching a critter, the camera itself was plundered by some nighttime crawlers of the human variety. But the Merritt constable said thieves might be disappointed with the value of their take, as the camera is one of several within a system at the community policing office.

“It’s not really worth that much on it’s own,” said Dunsmore.

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