Shackan Indian Band elects Chief Jordan Joe

By on March 19, 2018
(Comstock Images/Thinkstock).

by Dara Hill

Shackan Indian Band elected their new chief, Jordan Joe on March 17. He will be taking over from Chief Percy Joe, who occupied the position since 1971.

Joe will be accompanied by returning council member Joan Seymour and new council member Mary Angus. Together they have been elected for a three-year term.

Heather Fader, executive director of Shackan Indian Band, noted that the response to the election was pretty quiet.

The elected council “congratulated everyone and carried on,” said Fader.

It’s hard to say what the new chief and council will bring to the Shackan Indian Band, as the council is member-driven, she added.

“Typically they have goals and objectives identified by the membership and that’s what they will follow,” said Fader. “The council will review, make decisions and give us direction with what they feel is appropriate.”

Moving forward, “we’ll continue to work with [the council] and work toward the goals and objectives of the membership,” she said.

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