TEGART: Holiday reminders

By on November 24, 2017
MLA Jackie Tegart will host a hot chocolate reception at the Country Music Hall of Fame following the Country Christmas parade on Friday. (Photo contributed).

The winter holiday season is a time of giving, a time to cheerfully share with our neighbours and help those in need. As the days grow colder, we think about those in our community who have undergone recent hardship and are in need of some neighbourly help. For those of us who are able, there are several opportunities to support our community.

In the Fraser-Nicola area, we have many great organizations and volunteers who have dedicated themselves to helping others. Local food banks in the Nicola Valley & District, Ashcroft, Hope, Lillooet, Lytton, and Logan Lake areas are fantastic examples of community-minded organizations in action.

For decades, these food banks have provided much-needed access to food and daily necessities like toiletries. These facilities are such wonderful examples of caring, that make a difference for people in our communities on a daily basis.  From the volunteer board of directors, to the volunteer workers, to the many generous donators, to the recipients of this generosity — our local food banks give us much to be proud of.  Providing for those in need.

In addition to donating directly, you can support our food banks through the CP Holiday Train. The train will pass through Ashcroft and Lytton on December 15th and 16th respectively, and will be accepting donations at each stop to help bolster local food bank stores. The Holiday Train events are free to attend and will feature a performance by Alan Doyle and The Beautiful Band.

I would like to take time to thank those of you who have stepped up to help one another through the spring flooding and summer wildfires. I can think of no better community to call home. I would also like to thank our local food banks and especially our volunteers for working to make our region a better place.

Happy holidays!

Jackie Tegart is the MLA for Fraser-Nicola

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