We need to take a lesson from history

By on February 26, 2003

So this is what we have come to – repeating history?
Upon reading the Privacy Commissioner’s Report and observing what the federal government is cramming down our throats, I am very, very concerned.
I don’t think what is being offered by the Liberals as public safety is what my father went to fight for. In fact, he was very vocal about his distaste for Hitler and his following.
A young man left home, a young expectant wife and family to stand up to the oppressors so we could live free.
He dodged enemy gunfire, looked into the faces of young German boys laying dead before him.
He felt the fear of bombardment, watched as some of his friends get blown up and brought home “internal scars” he carried until the day he died.
He was just one of the thousands who went to fight against what now seems to be creeping insidiously into our country in the name of public safety.
Fellow Canadians, please read the report fully and think about it in the light of what has happened to other countries in the past that gave in to panic and lies about “for the good of the public.”
Maybe it will never be like it was before, but let us stand guard to ensure it does not get a chance to happen here in this great country.
Too many of our loved ones sacrificed to give us freedom; let us not fail them now.
Speak up and let your MP know just how you feel about your freedoms.
Chris Gilmore
Logan Lake

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