Dear Editor,

The 2013 Poppy Campaign totals over $10,000! Many, many thanks to the volunteers who “manned” the tables at local businesses. Thank you to all the businesses that allowed us to display a poppy tray.

Thank you to the organizations and individuals who purchased a wreath to lay at the cenotaph.

Thank you Merritt and Logan Lake for your continued support. It warmed my heart to see so many at our community Remembrance Day ceremony, paying their respect and honour to our fallen soldiers and those who were lucky to return.

To the young people, thank you for inviting the Royal Canadian Legion to speak at your Remembrance Day assemblies. It is an honour to speak with you and see and hear your respect for our fallen.

All monies collected are placed in trust, from which money is allocated to the support of veterans and their dependents, veterans housing, the Rocky Mountain Ranger Cadets, the Navy League Cadets, bursaries, youth sports, veteran transition houses, research and equipment, and the list goes on.

Lest we forget.

Mo Dixon

Poppy Chair, Royal Canadian Legion 96