Mrs. Donelda Haller’s grade 4/5 class at LNIB school have been busy honing their art skills and decorating the common area with a wall of bright and colourful homages to their favourite animals. 

“My kids love animals,” said Mrs. Haller. 

“And so, I went online, and I saw this article with eyes, and it instantly struck me… We started out with just a blank poster paper, and we ripped wrapping paper up and they glued it onto the poster and that was the beginning of their collage. And then if they wanted, they could so some artistic stuff with it as well, with felts or crayons or pencil crayons.” 

The students were then provided with templates of eyes for different animal species. 

“They used pastels for the eyes, and they learned how to blend the colours from darker to lighter in the eyes, and they also learned how big they wanted the pupil and what shape the animals have,” said Mrs. Haller. 

“Then they glued the eyes on and the nose and the mouth, then they painted the rest with acrylic paint to make their animal.” 

A wide range of creatures appeared from this art project, from eagles, owls and foxes to wolves and bears.  Shown are Jacob Sheldon (top) and Derek Potts (bottom).