On Friday, December 9, Merritt got to experience the screening of a new movie, ‘Bones and Crows’. With two different showings at Merritt Secondary School (MSS), high school students and the viewing public both had opportunities to watch the movie in the school gym. 

All MSS students in Grade 10-12 were brought to the gym to view the film, which was an amazing experience. Later on that night, the movie was opened up for the public to watch the movie as well. 

Before the film began, local elders came to the school to watch the movie and be available as support to anyone who may be triggered by the topics and scenes displayed. After a beautiful prayer by a residential school survivor, students enjoyed the film while learning about important historic topics involving residential school trauma and indigenous culture.

Kindall Charters answers questions about acting in the film ‘Bones of Crows.’ Maya Starrs/Herald

The film brought back actor Kindall Charters, who grew up in Merritt but moved to Vancouver to pursue his dream of acting. Charters graduated from MSS and was present at the movie screening in his hometown, even answering questions from the audience. Charters played the character of Charlie Tomkins, a code talker. He spoke the Cree language during his scenes. 

‘Bones of Crows’ is the story of Aline Spears, who grew up with three other siblings and loving parents on a reserve filled with friends and culture, who would later endure unimaginable terrors in a residential school. The movie jumped in time, from Aline growing up with a family, to being in a residential school, with her life before being taken away. 

The movie showcases Aline as she is put through psychological, cultural, and physical abuse that carries on throughout her life. This movie is a spectacular cinematic piece from start to finish. It included amazing actors from all over the country, including Grace Dove who played the leading role of Aline. 

‘Bones of Crows’ was initially released in September of 2022, and will hopefully be released on television in the near future.