On Friday, April 22, the Nicola Valley Arts Gallery hosted a meet and greet with their featured artist, Bev Veale.

Veale is a local artist who is considered to be an Honorary member of the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council.

“I’m really honored to have Bev here,” said Jano Howarth, Gallery Curator for the NVAC.

“Bev’s contribution in the community, particularly the Arts Council, has been really important. She really did have a lot to do with the Arts Council getting a space at the court house and we were there for 35 years.”

Over 100 of Veale’s art pieces were showcased in the exhibit. There were a plethora of sketches, oil and watercolour paintings that depict sceneries based on photos Veale has taken throughout her life.

“It’s sort of coming close to the end of a career in a way,” said Veale while she explained what this exhibit means to her.

“I started many years ago in Merritt and I’m very pleased to see what these people are doing for the arts in the Valley.”

The ‘Bev Veale Reminisces’ exhibit will be on display at the gallery until Sunday, May 1. Afterwards, a portion of the exhibit will be moved to the Nicola Valley Museum to be displayed. This section of the exhibit is focused on the works related to her history with homesteading.

The Nicola Valley Arts Centre is open Wednesday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and on Sundays from 12 noon to 4 pm.