Christmas has once again made its way to Merritt, with decorations and festive lights adorning homes and business inside and out. Many families crowd their kitchens, baking holiday treats and taking in all the jovial moments the season brings. Others continue to repair their homes from the water that flowed through it months ago, spending their second straight Christmas in a temporary home. 

Merrittonians support their neighbours without exception, giving the shirt off their back even in the frigid winters that the valley can bring. Despite separation by flooding and evacuation, Merrittonians came back together stronger than ever. A community made stronger by the tragedies it endured. 

Although the streets had been broken not long ago by forces of nature beyond anyone’s control, unbroken remains the spirit of the Nicola Valley. Volunteers bring hope and lend a helping hand, parades and craft fairs bring good tidings, and the bright lights of Christmas bring a warm glow to the downtown core. The good-hearted, giving, and resilient nature of the community is something that could never be diminished, and can be clearly seen in a Nicola Valley Christmas.