Letter sent to Shirley Bond Minister of Highways and Infrastructure February 23, 2011 Re: Access to Public Roads Dear Madam: This letter is in regards to the locked gate on the Stoney Lake Road No. 281. As it is the policy of the BC Wildlife Federation and the Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club to protect and pursue public access to lakes, streams and all crown lands, it has come to our attention that this public road is illegally locked. Please find enclosed a copy of a letter from D.S. Kirk, the District Highways Manager of the time, to Mr. Joe Gardner, General Manager of the Douglas Lake Cattle Co. The letter is straight forward as to the status of the road. The locked gate is still there and we would like it removed. We also are concerned that the road to Stoney Lake has been deactivated, culverts have been removed, trees have been cut onto the road, boulders have been placed at access to the Minnie Lake Road and the road has been flooded. As all of these actions are an offense under the Highways Act, we are wondering why these actions by the Douglas Lake Cattle Co. have been allowed. It is also our understanding that this road meets all of the requirements of remaining a public road. It provides public access to Minnie and Stoney Lakes. It accesses numerous district lots that require public access. It accesses district lot roads that also access other district lots and it accesses crown lands beyond. We believe the deactivation and locking of these roads is completely to eliminate public access to Minnie and Stoney Lakes. The Douglas Lake Cattle Co. is operating a private fishing resort on these lakes and is claiming these lakes as their own private property. We find this type of action to be illegal and are extremely concerned about the future of access to public lakes and streams. We would like the locked gate to be removed and the deactivated road on the east end of Stoney Lake to the Penask Lake Road to be rebuilt as soon as possible. We will be actively pursuing this access issue as it is in the interest of all British Columbians. Paul Komonski, President Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club Merritt B.C.