With summer just around the corner, the warm weather brings us fun in the sun, but also means that mosquito season is back.

To battle the buzz, the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Nuisance Mosquito Control program will be administering aerial treatments for nuisance mosquitoes in the Lower Nicola and Douglas Lake areas during the week of June 10.

“Application involves the use of a low-flying helicopter that will apply Vectobac to infested areas,” the press release reads.

According to the release, Vectobac is an organic water-dispersible granule formulation of a bacterial larvicide that is used to control mosquito larvae, and it’s not harmful to fish, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects, livestock or humans.

Other areas that TNRD is conducting their Nuisance Mosquito Reduction program include: Barriere, Chase, Clearwater, Kamloops, Logan Lake and Sun Peaks as well as a portion of Electoral Area ‘A’, electoral areas ‘J’, ‘L’, ‘M’, ‘N’ – excluding lands adjacent to the Coquihalla Recreation Area – ‘O’ and ‘P’.