Dear Editor,

Who did you buy your membership from – was it a BCAA office or was it an agent of BCAA, perhaps one of their recommended towing companies?

How do you know the person who is selling you the membership is fully informed of BCAA or the towing company’s policies?

Does BCAA follow up with their designated representatives to make sure their customers are adequately informed?

Do you know that BCAA memberships do not cover any service that is off a provincially maintained road which means they will call a towing company for you but you are responsible for all costs.

Regardless of your situation you must call BCAA for service. You cannot call the designated towing company that sold you the membership unless you are going to pay for the service yourself.

If the towing company cannot get you out of your situation, they leave you stranded.

Make sure the designated towing company has adequate equipment, they may not have a truck capable of towing you or their equipment may be frayed and snap when pulling your vehicle.

BCAA is not governed by any agency or ministry therefore they make and change rules at their discretion.

If you live in a rural area, make sure the vehicles you own are covered under your policy. A lot of vehicles are not covered, but even then given the roads you drive, you still may not be covered.

Before you buy a BCAA membership, ask for documentation that states their rules and regulations, read them thoroughly and asky any qustions that need clarification before purchasing a membership. Do not believe everything you are told.

This is a ‘buyer beware’ from a very dissatisfied former customer.

Arlene McDougall

Edmonton, Alta