In addition to adopting amendments to the animal control bylaw, city council is looking to add in anti-dog tethering legislation.

At the regular council meeting on Tuesday (Nov.10) Coun. Ginny Prowal brought forward the motion, which reads “that no dog shall be tethered without the ability to move around and access shelter and water.”

“This motion that I put forward is a basic first step, and it’s certainly open to future amendments,” said Prowal. “The province will never enact legislation, they just prefer to leave it up to the individual cities and the SPCA,” she said.

She also said setting up a rule based on a time limit for tethering dogs can be difficult to monitor and be reliant on unreliable public information.

“The purpose of this motion is to inform the public that council is aware of the concerns and does not condone the practice of tying a dog up day after day,” Prowal said.

Council approved the motion, and city staff will now develop a bylaw amendment to the animal control bylaw regarding tethering for council consideration.

Council did, however, adopt other changes to its animal control bylaw on Tuesday, approved 4-1 with only Coun. Linda Brown opposed.

These changes increase impound fees and creates a new aggressive dog designation.

Coun. Dave Baker and Mayor Neil Menard were absent from the meeting. Coun. Diana Norgaard served as acting mayor in Menard’s place.