The Nicola Valley Community Arts Council will be hosting a ‘Creative Community Art Crawl’ this weekend.

On Friday, shoppers can pick up a map from the Arts Gallery in their new location on Voght beside Kekuli Café.

There are at least nine participating vendors who will be listed on the map. By collecting a stamp from each shop and returning your map to the Arts Gallery, participants will be entered to win one of several prizes, including a $40-$60 gift card from local businesses, a $100 gift card from the Arts Gallery, or two growlers and a fill from the Empty Keg. The draw will take place Sunday, Nov. 22 and maps must be dropped off at the Arts Gallery by 4p.m.

By presenting your map at Kekuli Café or Empty Keg during the Crawl, you will receive $1 off your purchase.

“We’re all missing Country Christmas this year,” said Jano Howarth, Arts Gallery Director.

“We’ve chosen businesses to approach and come on board with this who all have handmade items, made by local creatives.”

Jen Artibise, Arts Council Director and Sales Manager for the Gallery and Gift Shop notes that businesses and artisans have both been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Especially since there’s no craft fairs this year, we want people to realize that there are hand crafted items that are available in your community,” said Artibise.

“We want to put this on to celebrate all of the artisans in our community that create handcrafted items, and also support the stores that are supporting them.”

All participating businesses will be open late on Friday to encourage people to come out and shop in the community. The Arts Council would also like to remind people that they should be following COVID-19 protocols and respecting social distancing and sanitization procedures when visiting local shops. Wear a mask if required and be prepared to wait to enter a store if it’s busy.

“Our mandate through the NVCAC is to build community through the arts, and so we really want our artisans to feel that we are a community and that we support them and not just the ones that are in our store and gallery,” said Artibise.