While asteroids were burning up in the atmosphere, Logan Lake Search and Rescue had a lovely fundraiser with live entertainment and a barbeque.

It was unfortunate that I was unable to attend the SAR fundraiser on Aug. 11 in the amphitheatre, but I hear it was a smashing success. Everyone I spoke to said that they had a good time listening to the live music and enjoying the refreshments.

LL SAR is planning on leaving the hospitality of the Fire Hall for their own building, and events such as this takes them one step closer.

The Logan Lake Search and Rescue is planning on hosting a sod turning for their new building before the month concludes – I’ll be sure to attend that.

While I missed the hotdogs and music I sure as heck didn’t miss the meteor shower. It was spectacular and we Logan Lakers are very lucky that we live on a nice hill. With not much blocking the view it was easy to watch as rocks and debris from outer space where flung towards earth.

As a side note, I’m happy to see the amphitheatre being used. I know when it was being built the towns folk were questioning how wise of a decision it was to put it there. After sitting for a while, people are starting to warm up to it and are realizing it is an awesome place to host events. Memories are going to be made there.

Brennan Lessick