—— By Kenneth Wong


The B.C. government prepares for potential summer droughts with in-person workshops in more than 30 communities, including Merritt.

The workshop will allow farmers to receive practical water management advice and financial support information.

Between March 18 and 29, Nicola Valley farmers will have the opportunity to attend two types of workshops in Merritt. Whilst both workshops are free, registration will be required and will soon be available for those who wish to participate. 

The Agricultural Water Management workshop aims to help producers improve their on-farm water use by showing how to improve their irrigation systems, explore on-site water storage, and resource management during droughts.

As for the Drought Management Engagement Sessions workshop, it will provide an overview of financial support available to farmers in preparation for and reduction of impacts when a drought occurs. 

The sessions will also have information about water management under the Water Sustainability Act.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food funds on-farm projects for drought and other extreme weather events. The ministry also provides crop insurance and income protection programs to mitigate crop loss and revenue declines.

For more information, read more about it on the B.C. government website.