In a recent press release by BC Gov News, it states backcountry roads closed in October 2021 across the Thompson Okanagan region will remain closed.

The closures follow 15 wildfires in the region and were established under the Motor Vehicle Prohibition Regulation of the Wildlife Act.

Roads spanning approximately 536,000 hectares have been closed for this purpose. The affected areas are:

Sparks Lake
Momich Lake
Tremont Creek
Two Mile Road
Bunting Road
Hunakwa/Crazy Creek complex
Thomas Creek
July Mountain
White Rock Lake
Garrison Lake
Mckay Creek
Mowhokam Creek
Lytton complex

The closure will allow areas to recover from wildfire impacts including:

erosion of charred soils and impacts on fish habitat;
increased vulnerability of wildlife due to migration disruptions, habitat loss and loss of vegetation cover; and
increased open areas due to construction of approximately 2,900 kilometres of fire guards.

The closures will remain in place during Ministry of Forests recovery efforts although some thoroughfares will remain open. Residents and commercial activities will not be impacted by the closed back country roads.

Boundaries follow landmarks such as roads, rivers and streams near wildfire perimeters.

Users may individually apply to access certain closed roads within these areas.

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